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If you have low credit and need a loan we are here to help, not turn you away! Our featured lender at Blue Trust Loans will work with you to provide you an instant cash advance, deposited into your checking account within the next business day! You can use a loan for any purpose: including birthday gifts, purchases, family vacations, wedding, car repair, emergency medical bills, telephone bills, for purchase of computer hardware and software, pay bills, or to save your bank account from being overdrawn.

Unsecured Personal Loans

If you are looking for a loan that offers you more cash than your average payday loan then check out our new personal loans where you do not have to have a home to apply. These loans are popular and can help you pay the bigger bills and maybe even fund a summer vacation escape. Unsecured loans require no property ownership or collateral for approval. .

Installment Loans

STOP. Before you file for bankruptcy, check out our installment loans which can be used to consolidate debt! Are you piling up debt? This loan option allows consumers to apply for unsecured loans to payoff credit cards and eliminate debt which in turn will improve your credit!